Hi! I’m Niya, a freelance UX designer based in Washington, DC. I have a passion for creating user experiences that are seamless and impactful. 

In my past life, I worked in International Affairs providing guidance to the foreign diplomatic community on benefits, immunities, and privileges. It was during my time in the civil service that I learned what a hinderance inefficient, poorly-designed websites could be to productivity. I often found myself using creative solutions to save time, energy, and money. My interest in International Affairs was fueled by a life-long desire to understand and connect with people from different backgrounds. Through user-centric design, I am able to do just that.

Understanding the human experience is essential for creating useful and effective products. I enjoy using my skill set to empower people to accomplish their goals. I create digital experiences that make life easier.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, watching Game of Thrones, and buying more books than I have time to read (there’s actually a word for this).